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State of the Ozarks: People, History and Music

Special thanks to one of our Facebook subscribers for sharing this website with us. It’s called State of the Ozarks and it’s full of stories about the History, the People and the Music that makes the Ozarks so special.

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Weekend Music Feature: Scorpions ‘Wind of Change’

In 1990, this became the unofficial anthem for the German Reunification, an event that politically lasted from the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 to the official reunification on October 3, 1990

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University of Missouri Extension Service Promotes Drone Use

“I really think there’s a lot of opportunity with these things we’re going to talk about,” said Wiebold, who also said at first that he was hesitant to call them “drones” because of possible negative connotations”

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Andy Hall’s Obsession

Yes Mr. Hall is correct, it was a stupid and careless thing to write ( as is the case of most of his posts) but he didn’t retract his statement because he thought it was careless, he retracted his statement because he is a coward.

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